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Pitched on this campaign as a director and ended up editing it.  BUT THEN the director's wife went into labor the week before the last shoot.  Put me in coach.  Caroline Wozniacki was twenty and the # tennis player in the world.  The great DP Tim Gillis and I flew to New York to embed with Woz as she prepped then played in the US Open at Arthur Ashe Stadium.  Work from earlier in the campaign was playing on the Jumbotron over the court as we shot.  Edited the spot in Midtown during the tournament.  It came out the day she played the semis.  I never cheered so hard for a tennis player in my life.  Wasn't her day.  She got her grand slam eight years later at the Australian Open.



Agency: Momentum

Production Company: Haus

Executive Producer: Jared Plummer



Director/Editor: Allen Colombo

DP: Tim Gillis

Producer: William Kirk