CEDARS-SINAI | Creating Space

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Proud to be a part of this deeply collaborative project between Cedars-Sinai and Effie Studios.  Led by Cedars-Sinai’s Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Nicole Mitchell, and guided by the talents of project Creative Director Andrew Featherston and Head of Production Tamara Anghie, Effie Studios truly enjoyed the development and execution of this distinctive short.


Writer Sarah Colombo spent six weeks interviewing each member of the Cedars-Sinai Diversity and Inclusion Council to create a script drawn from their words.  The team then developed a visual concept that sought to reinforce and amplify the idea of creating space to allow individuals to express their authentic selves.


Inspired by the work of illustrator Eiko Ojala, graphic artist Marta Leshak created the distinctive panels which were then animated by Muriel Tiberghien, Rodrigo Domínguez and Sebastian Gronemeyer.  Composer Jonathan Sanford provided the elegant score.


The resulting film lives on the Cedars-Sinai Diversity and Inclusion site under the heading of Diversity and Inclusion in Action.



Client: Cedars-Sinai

Diversity & Inclusion Officer: Nicole Mitchell

Creative Director: Andy Featherston

Head of Production: Tamara Anghie



Production Company: Effie Studios

Writer: Sarah Colombo

Director: Allen Colombo



Illustrations: Marta Leshak

Animators: Muriel Tiberghian,

Rodrigo Dominguez,

Sebastian Gronemeyer



Music: Jonathan Sanford

Sound Design and Mix: Daniel Ben-Shimon