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From my first commercial editing gig at Transistor Studios to this surreal entry for Haus to the present day, it is always a charge to hear from tech maestro and design savant Jared Plummer. 


For Zyrtec's Furtec campaign, we engaged Laika vet Rebecca Stillman to build a forty square foot miniature city park at Stoopid Buddy Studios and populate it with Easter eggs such as a kite-flying Ben Franklin and a mountain chomping dinosaur.  The great DP Tim Gillis did double duty with his signature deft lighting and fluid camera.


The bi-plane in the background was rigged to a hand-cranked pulley.  The set falls down on cue.  Since everything was practical, dialogue had to be timed to the second, with super-producer Crystal Deones counting out our marks from a stopwatch as we moved through the scene. 





Client: Johnson & Johnson | Zyrtec

Agency: JWT

Creative Director: Howard Lenn



Production Company: Haus 

Executive Producer: Jared Plummer

Creative Director: Rasmus Blaesbjerg

Producer: Crystal Deones



Director: Allen Colombo

Director of Photography: Tim Gillis

Production Designer: Rebecca Stillman

Photos: Eric Kutner