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Hi, I'm a Los Angeles-based director and filmmaker.  


My career started in virtual reality on an interactive 3D reconstruction of the Caves of the Thousand Buddhas in Dunhuang, China.  I then worked in post at Miramax and the NFL before co-founding Effie Studios, a creative production studio in LA specializing in innovative storytelling solutions.

I've directed commercial projects for GMC, Activision, Amazon, Hyundai and Marvel.  The past few years I've been working in virtual production, shooting on LED stages with real time motion tracked digital environments.  This is an article on a project I did with the HUMMER EV and Call of Duty.


Alien: Last Signs of Life, a short sequel to Alien: Covenant for 20th Century Fox, is the final film in the franchise to date. 


My original short One of Their Own is one of the first live-action movies with a digital human lead character.  It was a finalist at the LA Animation Festival and an opening night selection at the Philip K. Dick Film Festival.  


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