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CALL OF DUTY | Warzone Pacific

Global Reveal​



A distressing disclaimer hijacks a travel ad for Pacific Horizon Airlines. This all virtual spot was shot completely within the Infinity Ward game engine.

Director: Allen Colombo

Client: Activision Blizzard
Agency: Armed Mind
Agency Creative Director: Michael Rudin
Agency Art Director: Dan Martin
Capture Team: Activision Blizzard
Production Company: Effie Studios
Producer: Sarah Colombo
Project Manager: Costa Ciminiello
3D Artist: Matthew Penkala
Motion Graphic Artist: Ernie Long
Graphic Design: Edhar Shvets
Editor: JD Raimer
Assistant Editor: Nikhil Bhoplay
Sound Design and Mix: Jesse Springer
Voice Over Artist: Jolene Andersen
Casting: Horseless Cowboy
Performance Director: Philip Bache
Coordinator: Austin Snyder
Engineer: Mark De La Fuente

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