You've probably heard of shooting day for night but for this one creative DP Kevin Richey devised a scheme of shooting outdoor for indoor. 


He crafted a lightbox studio in the parking lot of Haus with 12x12 diffusion rags, lending a morning glow to our tabletop coffee bean cyclorama, which set designer Jessica Toscano pieced together bean by bean with a hot glue gun.   


You may have also heard don't bring a knife to a gun fight.  The lesson here was don't bring a jimmy jib to a motion control shoot.  Fifty takes later we had our money shot.  Lesson learned.  Though sometimes it's good not to know better ahead of time because in this case we couldn't have afforded it.




Agency: 22 Squared

Studio: Haus

Production Company: Effie Studios




Director: Allen Colombo

DP: Kevin Richey

Set: Jessica Toscano

VFX: Tahir Palali