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ELDER SCROLLS | HIGH ISLE | Global Reveal Show


Half-hour show to outline the new Elder Scrolls adventure High Isle.  Shot on an LED stage at Rock Shore Studios in Baltimore, Maryland.  The look integrates a practical set build of slanted silver columns with virtual environments drawn from the game.

Below are pre-visualization assets to demo the look.  An advantage of virtual production is that pre-viz assets can be iterated to serve as actual set design elements for the live action LED shoot. 


For this project, the artist creating the backdrops for the live action LED screens built off the same assets I used for the previsualization, so there is a one-to-one in core assets between pitch and final product.

In a follow up episode, we extended the use of game engine environments to build a progression through the game into the set of the show-- landing on the shipwrecked shore, approaching the castle, breaching the castle interior, and exploring biomes beyond.

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