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GMC HUMMER EV | Call of Duty League


Call of Duty represents the state of the art in gaming.  The all-electric GMC HUMMER EV points to the future of the automotive industry.  A team-up of these two properties should embody these cutting-edge qualities.  So we created a virtual city and drove the Hummer through it.  

Above previsualization renders were created in Unreal Engine to demo the concept in preproduction before shooting with the actual vehicle.  Production and visual effects used the same digital assets as previsualization, so there is a one-to-one between concept and final product.

Close-ups and interiors of the HUMMER EV were shot on a virtual production stage.  Giant LED screens surrounded the vehicle and displayed the virtual city set.  Motion sensors on the stage synced the movement of the camera with the virtual set to provide realistic 3D perspective.

Wide shots of the vehicle were created in Unreal Engine and leveraged the same virtual city set as the previsualization imagery and stage production.  This continuity of assets through each phase of the project results in visual consistency from concept to live action footage to visual effects to final product.

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