HYUNDAI | Engineering Story

Content Series

Collaboration with my old friends and partners at Haus.  The challenge was to create 12 one-minute spots in 4 days, each spot with a different look. 


The solution was a modular set with custom light elements that could be re-configured into different looks spot to spot. 

Chris Covics' team at Lift Off engineered and fabricated the mobile and programmable LED panels.


We shot at Car Prep Studio in Fountain Valley.  Art Director Joey Biggs built a 30x18' wall with a recessed 15' column to anchor the variable set.


For scripts requiring driver interaction with the car, animator Sebastian Gronemeyer created holographic actors to motion track into the footage. 




To make the tight schedule work, DP Kevin Richey and I pre-visualized and storyboarded every shot to within an inch of its life with Cinema 4D wiz Farbod Khoshtinat.  Kevin and AD Haley Moffett then dialed the masterful shooting schedule down to the minute.



Using motion control cameras and macro lenses, we set out to explore the steel body and leather interiors like a landscape.




Client: Hyundai

Senior Group Manager,

Interactive Marketing: Tony Jaime

Digital Project Manager: Dannielle Fewster



Studio: Haus

Managing Director: Claudine Nichols

Executive Creative Director: Steed Griffin

Executive Producer: Gina Hyers



Agency: Innocean Worldwide

Associate Creative Director: Tricia Ting

Copywriter: Brad Beerbohm

Brand Manager: Nick Corotan




Production Company: Effie Studios

Direction: Allen Colombo

Producer: Sarah Colombo



Content Producer: Brad Johnson

Product Specialist: Charlie Ashby

Head of Production: Nicolette Spencer

Custom Light Elements:

Chris Covics/Lift Off

Art Director: Donald Biggs



Director of Photography: Kevin Richey

Motion Control Op: Chris Toth

1st AC: Lorna Leslie

2nd AC: Vanessa Morehouse

DIT: Costa Ciminiello



Script Supervisor: Alexandra Lill

Office PA: Dylan DeLuca

Truck PA: Peter Robishaw

Set PA: Steve Hulse



Gaffer: Michael Garcia

Best Boy Electric: Mark Mann

Set Lighting Technician: Brian Mazur

Key Grip: Alex Klabukov

Best Boy: Grip Matt King



Post-Production: Effie Studios

Editor: Ryan Thiel

Editor: JD Raimer



Production Supervisor: Rachel Ottenstein

Production Coordinator: Dana Kurth

1st Assistant Director: Haley Moffett



VFX and Pre-Vis Artist: Farbod Khoshtinat

VFX Artist: Rodrigo Dominguez

VFX Artist: Sebastian Gronemeyer