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Life in Space | Ask an Astronaut

NASA/Fox Home Entertainment


The Earth is a fireplace.

We asked people on the street what they thought space travel was like, and then travelled down to NASA headquarters in Houston to ask astronaut Drew Feustel for the real deal. 

To illustrate the difference between people's perception of life in space and the real deal, we animated the opposing perspectives.  We also had access to NASA's entire archive of space imagery from the last fifty years to further fill in the details. 


Who knew the sun rises and sets 16 times a day?



How do astronauts exercise?



How do astronauts sleep?



Why are there no bearded astronauts?


How do astronauts poop?



Director/DP: Allen Colombo


Featuring Astronaut Drew Feustel

Shot on location in Los Angeles and NASA HQ in Houston 

Studio: Fox Home Entertainment

Agency: Armed Mind

Creative Director: Mike Rudin

Production Company: Effie Studios

Producer: Sarah Colombo

Editorial and Animation: Effie Studios

Animators: Krystian Kulesza & Pia Rossi

Editor: Marc Romo 

Music: Lars Deutsch

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