MICROSOFT | Windows Phone 7



This was one of the first interactive commercials, devised by the brain trust at Crispin Porter + Bogusky and Haus.  You could compete against Windows Phone 7 to see if your phone was as fast.  Then when the Windows phone inevitably won, the hands holding it would engage in various pastimes while waiting for the hypothetical competitor to finish the task. 


We shot five spots with a magician, origami artist, balloon sculptor, bonsai gardener and bird master over the course of two days at Source Film Studio in Hollywood on a Red Mysterium X.  Each spot had to be captured four times with four different phone brands since Windows Phone 7 operates on them all.  Despite the many moving parts, line producer Kevin Sharpton had it locked down on rails.


Extra points for guessing the VO artist.



About that bird.  It flew away in the middle of the shoot.  Went right up into the rafters of the stage and wouldn't come down.  Then hand to heart I swear this is what happened next.  It dive-bombed me.  Came straight at my head like a line drive.  And I reached out and caught it with one hand.  Straight up.  I was as surprised as the bird.  That was the fifth of five spots that we finished.  And they ended up dropping the spot and going with four.  Not the most tragic problem in the grand scheme.  But the bird deserved better! 



Agency: Crispin Porter Bogusky

Production Company: Haus

Executive Producer: Jared Plummer

Creative Director: Rasmus Blaesjberg

Producer: Kevin Sharpton



Director/Editor: Allen Colombo

DP: Jamal Farley

Production Designer: Drew Dalton