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NFL | Rookie Handbook

broadcast series 



Episode 1: Tom Brady Prank War


Thanks to Dallas Hitchcock at the NFL Network for taking a shot on Effie Studios in its infancy.  The brief was to adapt a tongue-in-cheek survival guide for NFL rookies written by a group of Charlotte Panthers vets including Pro Bowl center Ryan Kalil.  I flew to Chicago, Nashville and Charlotte to film players (and one coach) telling war stories from their first years on the gridiron.  Effie then storyboarded, animated and edited the anecdotes into mini-episodes for broadcast before NFL football games.  Illustrations were whipped out in lightning fashion by dynamo artist Joey Ellis.



Episode 2: Luke Kuechly Signature Helmet



Episode 3: Jonathan Stewart Piss Take



Episode 4: Walter Payton and Ron Rivera



Episode 5: Kyle Long and Patrick Tillman


Cast: Ron Rivera, Matt Cassel, Kyle Long, Luke Kuechly, Jonathan Stewart, Patrick Tillman, Brittney Payton, Ian Sproul


Client: NFL Media

Based on the book by Ryan Kalil,  

and Jordan GrossGeoff Hangartner

Coordinating Producer: Dallas Hitchcock


Director: Allen Colombo

DP: Joshua Ausley

llustrations: Joey Ellis

Production and Animation: Effie Studios

Animators: Muriel Tiberghien and Pia Rossi