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STRANGE | Truth and Reconcilliation

music video

Is the film an encapsulation of how 9/11 brought America face to face with its arc from rebel to empire?  Or just a terrorist who messes with the wrong guy's girlfriend? 


Lead singer David Mueller comped into Fleischer Brothers cartoons using Avid Nitris.  Made at night while onlining music videos during the day at Gotham. 

This project from Spring 2005 by the way marks for me the moment the motion design wave broke over the industry.  The Nitris was spanking new and Gotham had gotten it hot off the press release, as it were.

Press Release

April 17, 2005 at 12:00 AM EDT


Avid Unveils Symphony Nitris and Sets New Standard in HD Finishing.  The Avid Symphony Nitris system - which comprises the Avid Symphony software and the Avid Nitris hardware - is qualified for HP xw8200 workstations and is priced at $89,995 USMSRP. 

Yep that's an eye watering 90K for the beast, which was admittedly a boss post fx and finishing machine.  But my next gig after Gotham, just two months after the release of the Nitris, was the motion design shop Transistor Studios, where dudes were doing what the Nitris could do (and more) with a laptop and AfterEffects.  And, unsurprisingly, for a brief spell, writing their own checks.

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