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US BANK | Virtual Payments




For this spot about leaving paper behind, we went with a construction paper stop-motion animation approach.   The idea was that the mix of analog craft and a digital format could subtly underline the material vs virtual theme of transitioning from cash to online payments.


Working with graphic designer Rodrigo Domínguez and paper artist Margaret Scrinkl, we converted US Bank's icon library into construction paper cut-outs, which Margaret then hand animated.



Paper cut-outs by animator Margaret Scrinkl.

Cast: Kayah Alexandra Franklin


Client: US Bank

Agency: Betsy Todd

Writer: Janelle McGlothlin


Production Company: Effie Studios

Producer: Sarah Colombo

Director: Allen Colombo


Live Action DP: Adriel Gonzalez

Design: Rodrigo Domínguez

Stop-Motion Animation: Margaret Scrinkl

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